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New Profile Posts

  1. VGOwner
    VGOwner Mattus
    I though you hated VG and Me? lol
  2. Mattus
    Mattus VGOwner
    hey dude would love to make this server great again considering i was the last one to do it
    1. VGOwner likes this.
  3. Bulletbang69
    The crazy days, wish could play but no PC . too much bills to pay and sht.
  4. Flame
  5. Airless
    Airless Flame
    -rep Meanie
  6. watzy8
  7. Flame
  8. Mike
    Mike UnitedNations
    Hey dude I need to talk to u in discord when u get a chance.
  9. UnitedNations
    UnitedNations Steve Stevenson
  10. VGOwner
    VGOwner ProxG
    Nice Job
  11. Flame
    Flame Sicarius
    sup fella
    1. Sicarius
      May 23, 2020
      Flame likes this.
  12. VGOwner
    Join the server is full.
  13. Flash
    Well shit
  14. VGOwner
  15. 1K-48 | Justin J. | Civ-009
  16. UnitedNations
  17. UnitedNations
    Cx in the chat
  18. wackyxwarrior
    not on vacation anymore
  19. Papa Smurf
  20. SorryBoutDat
    If you ain't got no giddy up then giddy out my way