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New Profile Posts

  1. City Stars
  2. Best_Name_Evah
  3. Best_Name_Evah
    Im Back Part Time Somewhat Ladies
  4. Dizzy2K
    just got that victory royal with my mans @CVey and that Clutch God @Turbo
  5. BlakeMadeOSkittles
  6. Mr. Diddles
    Mr. Diddles
    I won't be on the server/active for the next week. I have multiple dental procedures that NEED to be done. Hopefully I will return by April!
  7. VGOwner
  8. Mr. Diddles
    Mr. Diddles
    Then leave....
  9. City Stars
  10. City Stars
  11. City Stars
    City Stars CVey
    HEHHHHH sorry
  12. City Stars
  13. SburbGinger
    Im just tryin to play minecraft and glo smh
  14. Mr. Diddles
  15. City Stars
  16. Kuda401
    Kuda401 Maze
    Maze can i talk to you in teamspeak quickly.
  17. misterlol29
    Never lie to someone you trust and never trust someone who lies to you. (Remember this!)
  18. SburbGinger
    Monika Lewinsky wasn't even attractive
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  19. misterlol29
    Depressed again
  20. misterlol29
    Can't be better right now.