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[GTA Update] Chat Blacklist System

Nov 18, 2017 - 2:14 AM - by TheBeef

GTA Patch | November 18/2017 | Patch by RickyBGamez

A small patch we did today was fixing the censored system in OOC and Advert. Doing so shall get yourself automatically blacklisted in such category.
Attempting to bypass this will result in a ban as we consider this an exploit. You will not receive any warnings for your actions and will be removed from the server.

Please note that this is not the christmas update yet. We have real things planned and hope too see you then. We hope to push out more and more updates even if they are small like this in the future, however after the christmas update we are looking into a very large update. Here is a hint of what we are planning.

*Boom* *Bell rings*

Hope you enjoy that sneak peak.
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GTA Update | Information

Oct 16, 2017 - 12:40 AM - by RickyBGamez

GTA Patch | October 15/2017 | Patch by Beef, RickyBGamez, Dr. Pepper, CVey

Hello everyone, as most of you will be aware, we had a GTA update on Sunday, October 15/2017. The update was planned on taking 15 minutes, but due to some unexpected issues, it took nearly 3 hours to push the proper update and resolve any bugs that we had. One thing that popped up was that people were missing vehicles that they had previously owned prior to the update. When looking into what the issue was, I realized I had uploaded the incorrect patch that updated some Vehicle IDs. So, as of right now, the server is back up and fully operational. I shut it down for another hour tonight, did a complete wipe of all vehicles and repaired them. Once you log onto the server now, you will have all previous vehicles you were missing prior to the update, but be aware any cars purchased during the time the server was going up and down, may not have saved and will not show up again. If you do have any issues, please contact the leadership team and they will attempt to resolve the matter.

I'd like to apologize for the development team, I was brought in last minute to help with the entire patch, and we weren't aware of some of the issues that popped up tonight causing us to have multiple crashes. Hopefully, as of now, the server should be stable and if you do find any bugs with... [Read More]
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Gta update

Oct 15, 2017 - 8:29 PM - by TheBeef

Woah a gta update that took longer than expected and broke a few times but worked out in the end holy smokes!!!

new cars
10 non-vip
11 vip
updated server adverts
updated property images (not fully done yet)

upcoming (in no specific order or timeline):
new backend system panel
redo framework
redo websystem
new forum
new donation system


... [Read More]
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Happy Birthday Maze!

Oct 12, 2017 - 12:47 PM - by Dr.Pepper

Hey! Today is Maze's birthday, and we want to wish him a happy birthday!

Maze has done alot for the community for years, he has helped us grow and helped us be what we are today. Maze is a great Leader and will always be.
Now I sadly don't have a nice picture from GTA but I made this logo. Tractors, Grass and lovely corn.

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Old Staff and corruption? I have proof

Oct 08, 2017 - 11:42 PM - by killslick
They act worse than 10 year olds, they get mad when they cant get what they want...

The fact that they tore people's ass for no reason other than to try to get people banned for no reason.
A clear sign of corruption.

It was a plan they had which was proven.

They had been too hard on people and had hard on's for people .
Laugh Out Loud they are gone, thank god!

We all know they made threats to ban anyone who asked for help, or even ignored.

A clear sign of corruption.

I dare you to prove otherwise, you all came to me with real complaints about this.

Also, it was proven they were not as dedicated to VG as they claim. if so they would not have broke rules that they banned users for. Mark etc

They ran many users off the servers and away from VG.

They long ago turned on VG and i looked into it.

When i was told, the old staff banned the users, and updates were broken and needed to be fixed.

Nice people right...

I fixed the issues myself. Ask around you will see!

Again, ask around and you would be banned about letting me know about updates. If someone came to me about it they got banned.

We all had agreements not to record and make soundboards without asking. If you did it you got banned and many were banned by him.

But some asshole thinks he was above everyone else and... [Read More]
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I'm back [The Beef]

Sep 17, 2017 - 10:44 PM - by TheBeef
Hi, My name is The Beef. Don't stalk me please. A few months ago I was leader here, I quit because of personal life reasons. I'm back now because i'm mentally stable and I miss this place. If you're old here and know me, hi. If you're new here and don't know me, hi; I have been told i'm not an asshole so you got that for ya.

Oh one last thing, I'm not going to go crazy because it's my first day back. I'm going to wait and see how things are and then act on that, like a normal person.

A Quick F.A.Q

Whoa holy **** your back?

Yes. I already covered that.

What made you want to come back to this place?
Believe it or not I love this place and I have lots of plans to bring it back.

What are your plans?
I'll tell ya later, you will like them.

Yes, PERP4 will be real.

What are you going to do different?
Not make this a religion and a stupid amount of time here so i'll spend time in life so I don't go crazy.

What will I do this time?
GTA updates, PERP4, Long long list. (Private trello)

How Can I contact you if I need you!
Like always;, Twitter DM, Steam.

I need this and this!
Take the proper Chain of
... [Read More]
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Hurricane Irma: Important Information

Sep 06, 2017 - 1:43 AM - by Tappily
Hurricane Irma Advisory

[Updated 9/8/17 | 12:00AM]

-As you all know, this large hurricane is likely to hit Florida as a category 4 or 5 storm this weekend. To briefly summarize, there are two scenarios everyone in Florida needs to look out for: The possibility of the hurricane hitting either the east or west coast of Florida.

-If you live in Florida, like myself, (unfortunately I am on and island too) you need to watch this storm carefully. Several admins here live within the cone of uncertainty of this storm and I would just like to say be on alert. Make sure to have a contingency plan, prepare by fueling up your vehicle, having backup battery chargers, and have non perishable food and water.

-Stay updated with NOAA here:
... [Read More]
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